Fumigation free organic moses baskets

We're regularly asked about the production of our Bebelicious Moses baskets. 

Each of our baskets are handcrafted with non bleached paper rope (twine).

Woven over a wire frame for stability and individually hand woven with handles that are both woven and stitched that wrap around the basket for strength and stability.

The added benefit of a moses basket woven over a frame is that each of our baskets is consistently the same shape and size. 

As our baskets are hand crafted from paper rope as opposed to natural grass fibres, our baskets are not subject to any form of fumigation.

All natural fibre (grass) moses baskets imported into both Australia and New Zealand must be chemically fumigated on arrival by Customs under the advise of AQIS in Australia and MAF in NZ. These shipments are unable to be released for sale until this has been certified. The two chemicals used to treat grass woven moses baskets include Ethylene Oxide and Methyl Bromide. Do these chemicals remain in the grass fibres? 

Moses baskets are a wonderful portable sleeping space for your newborn, and one Bebelicious moses baskets can stand by the fact that each of our moses baskets is imported chemical free. Peace of mind for your family and safe for your baby.

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Cuddle Cots

It's a subject that is very hard to discuss and one that currently has no definitive answer for why it occurs.

Stillbirth affects 6 babies in Australia everyday.

Every year there will be 135 births in Australia which are stillbirths where the cause of stillbirth is unknown.

There are around 40% of recorded cases of infant mortality, where the cause is unknown.

For every baby that dies of SIDS, 35 babies are stillborn.

In 2012 in Australia there were 1832 babies who were stillborn.

At such a difficult time for parents there has been a breakthrough invention known as the cuddlecot.

The cuddle cot system is a cooling pad that can be used insitu in a moses basket, bassinet or crib to allow the baby to remain with the family.

The benefits are enormous by helping families with their bereavement process in maternity hospitals around the world including Australia and New Zealand.

We've come across two wonderful charities that are fundraising for cuddlecots which currently cost around $5000 per cooling pad. Without their tireless work families may not be able to experience a cuddlecot for this difficult time.

Australia - http://www.emerikuslandfoundation.org.au/

New Zealand - http://www.onemorecuddle.co.nz/

We've been fortunate here at Bebelicious to donate moses baskets to a number of hospitals across Australia for their grieving rooms and use with cuddlecots for families.










Bebelicious Moses baskets meet safety standards

Did you know it's not mandatory for cot, bassinet or moses basket mattresses to meet firmness safety standards in Australia or New Zealand?

Choice magazine recently tested 12 cot mattresses and discovered a number of these cot mattresses failed the voluntary firmness standard AS/NZS8811.1:2013.

A too soft sleeping space can pose a SIDS hazard for your baby.

Advise from SIDS and KIDS to parents when purchasing a safe sleeping space for your newborn is to check the following points:

  • Is the mattress for your moses basket, bassinet or cot the right size?
  • Is the mattress clean and in good condition
  • Is the mattress firm and flat
  • Does the mattress comply with voluntary Australian and New Zealand standards

The Australian and New Zealand standards test method utilises a calibrated weight method mimicking the baby's weight on the mattress. A sleeping space which is too soft can pose a sleep hazard if they roll over face first and their breathing becomes obstructed.

Both our breath easy and Tetra tea tree Bebelicious moses basket are custom made here in Australia by reputable mattress manufacturers and comply with the voluntary standard for firmness in Australia and New Zealand AS/NZS8811.1:2013.

Our manufacturers take advise from SIDS and KIDS to ensure their products meet the highest standards. As a Company of parents ourselves we take infant safety seriously and only work with manufactures that meet with our approval.

All our Bebelicious moses baskets are supplied with a handy guide to safe sleeping and safety guidelines for use with our products. 

The advise is also available on our website, safe sleeping and safety guidelines for easy reference.

 moses basket mattress safety


Finish Baby Boxes

We love that the Finish Government has been providing expectant Mothers with the "Finish Baby Box" since the 1930's and reviews it's contents annually to keep current with newborn requirements.

The starter kit containing over 50 newborn essentials includes, rompers, nappies, singlets, socks, a sleeping bag, snow suit, linen, teething toy and book to name just a few items.

When the box was introduced in the 1930's Finland was a poor country with a high mortality rate where 65 out of every 1000 babies died. The box provided expectant Mothers with all the necessities for their newborn whilst also encouraging them to continue visiting medical professionals throughout their pregnancy.

Families warmly welcomed the fact that the box doubled as babies first sleeping space complete with mattress, sheeting and blanket providing a safe, secure and warm sleeping space.

We at Bebelicious love the proactive approach the Finish Government has taken to support new Mothers and the fact that this initiative is still current nearly 80 years after it's introduction stands testament to it's relevance in Finish society.



Babies sleep longer in sub zero temperatures

Well that's the claim out of Finland where putting babies out to sleep in freezing temperatures has been occurring for generations.

The trend started in the 1940's when air quality and general conditions within the home were poor. Sending children outside was seen as a healthier alternative.

Scientists and mothers in Finland both agree that there are health benefits with babies also sleeping longer when placed outside to sleep. It must be said that the baby is wrapped up to ensure it is snug and warm with no risk of freezing.

It just goes to show how culturally different we all are with advice on baby welfare and sleeping. Anyone that claims to have all the answers is probably someone to avoid!

See this link for the full BBC article http://www.bbc.com/news/health-31539089

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