What is a Moses basket?

A firm European favourite, the Moses basket is the ideal first bed for your newborn baby, and a portable alternative to a bassinet or cot.

Why buy a Moses basket?

The Moses basket is the perfect sleeping space to keep your baby close, and is lightweight enough to carry around the house, or take with you when visiting family or friends. This also provides your baby with a familiar sleeping environment whether at home or out and about.

What are the benefits of using a Moses basket?

Sids recommends that newborns be kept close to their parents, and sleep in their parent's room for the first few months of life. The Moses basket just makes this so much easier! The Moses basket is the perfect size to position next to your bed, and teamed with either the folding or rocking stand, makes nightly waking and feedings simple as can be.

What is the basket made of?

Your Moses basket is made from 100% chemical free, paper rope, which is hand-woven into a basket over a wire frame. Beware of moses baskets made from African grass imported into Australia and New Zealand as they are fumigated with the chemical Ethylene Oxide which is an AQIS/MAF customs requirement. Our paper rope moses baskets are not required to be treated with any form of fumigation as they are not produced with natural materials. Peace of mind for you, and safe for your baby.

What is the linen, and other materials made from?

All linen and linings are 100% crisp cotton, and are made right here in Australia & New Zealand. We use only the best quality, natural materials available, because only the best will do for your little one! All our linens and sheeting can be warm machine washed and warm tumble dried. Shrinkage has been taken into account with laundering to ensure a perfect fit. The mattress for the Baby Chic Original collection is a firm cotton covered breath easy mattress which is hand washable. The custom made Tetra mattress organic moses basket is filled with 100% natural and chemical free tea tree flakes with an organic cotton cover. Both our Australian mattresses meet voluntary firmness standards AS/NZS8811.1:2013 per SIDS and KIDS guidelines.  Tea tree flakes are lighter than feather pieces of incredibly fine tea tree bark, scientifically proven to promote airflow. Tea tree flakes are inherently naturally breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and naturally thermally regulating - warm in winter, cool in summer. Tetra mattresses have been safely used by over 1million babies Australia wide since 1949.

Are there any safety guidelines I need to follow when using a Moses basket?

Yes, as with any product created with infants and newborns in mind there are a few simple safety guidelines to bear in mind when using your Moses basket. For a full list please head to our Safety Guidelines page.