Bebelicious Moses baskets meet safety standards

Did you know it's not mandatory for cot, bassinet or moses basket mattresses to meet firmness safety standards in Australia or New Zealand?

Choice magazine recently tested 12 cot mattresses and discovered a number of these cot mattresses failed the voluntary firmness standard AS/NZS8811.1:2013.

A too soft sleeping space can pose a SIDS hazard for your baby.

Advise from SIDS and KIDS to parents when purchasing a safe sleeping space for your newborn is to check the following points:

  • Is the mattress for your moses basket, bassinet or cot the right size?
  • Is the mattress clean and in good condition
  • Is the mattress firm and flat
  • Does the mattress comply with voluntary Australian and New Zealand standards

The Australian and New Zealand standards test method utilises a calibrated weight method mimicking the baby's weight on the mattress. A sleeping space which is too soft can pose a sleep hazard if they roll over face first and their breathing becomes obstructed.

Both our breath easy and Tetra tea tree Bebelicious moses basket are custom made here in Australia by reputable mattress manufacturers and comply with the voluntary standard for firmness in Australia and New Zealand AS/NZS8811.1:2013.

Our manufacturers take advise from SIDS and KIDS to ensure their products meet the highest standards. As a Company of parents ourselves we take infant safety seriously and only work with manufactures that meet with our approval.

All our Bebelicious moses baskets are supplied with a handy guide to safe sleeping and safety guidelines for use with our products. 

The advise is also available on our website, safe sleeping and safety guidelines for easy reference.