Cuddle Cots

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It's a subject that is very hard to discuss and one that currently has no definitive answer for why it occurs.

Stillbirth affects 6 babies in Australia everyday.

Every year there will be 135 births in Australia which are stillbirths where the cause of stillbirth is unknown.

There are around 40% of recorded cases of infant mortality, where the cause is unknown.

For every baby that dies of SIDS, 35 babies are stillborn.

In 2012 in Australia there were 1832 babies who were stillborn.

At such a difficult time for parents there has been a breakthrough invention known as the cuddlecot.

The cuddle cot system is a cooling pad that can be used insitu in a moses basket, bassinet or crib to allow the baby to remain with the family.

The benefits are enormous by helping families with their bereavement process in maternity hospitals around the world including Australia and New Zealand.

We've come across two wonderful charities that are fundraising for cuddlecots which currently cost around $5000 per cooling pad. Without their tireless work families may not be able to experience a cuddlecot for this difficult time.

Australia -

New Zealand -

We've been fortunate here at Bebelicious to donate moses baskets to a number of hospitals across Australia for their grieving rooms and use with cuddlecots for families.