Finish Baby Boxes

We love that the Finish Government has been providing expectant Mothers with the "Finish Baby Box" since the 1930's and reviews it's contents annually to keep current with newborn requirements.

The starter kit containing over 50 newborn essentials includes, rompers, nappies, singlets, socks, a sleeping bag, snow suit, linen, teething toy and book to name just a few items.

When the box was introduced in the 1930's Finland was a poor country with a high mortality rate where 65 out of every 1000 babies died. The box provided expectant Mothers with all the necessities for their newborn whilst also encouraging them to continue visiting medical professionals throughout their pregnancy.

Families warmly welcomed the fact that the box doubled as babies first sleeping space complete with mattress, sheeting and blanket providing a safe, secure and warm sleeping space.

We at Bebelicious love the proactive approach the Finish Government has taken to support new Mothers and the fact that this initiative is still current nearly 80 years after it's introduction stands testament to it's relevance in Finish society.