Fumigation free organic moses baskets

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We're regularly asked about the production of our Bebelicious Moses baskets. 

Each of our baskets are handcrafted with non bleached paper rope (twine).

Woven over a wire frame for stability and individually hand woven with handles that are both woven and stitched that wrap around the basket for strength and stability.

The added benefit of a moses basket woven over a frame is that each of our baskets is consistently the same shape and size. 

As our baskets are hand crafted from paper rope as opposed to natural grass fibres, our baskets are not subject to any form of fumigation.

All natural fibre (grass) moses baskets imported into both Australia and New Zealand must be chemically fumigated on arrival by Customs under the advise of AQIS in Australia and MAF in NZ. These shipments are unable to be released for sale until this has been certified. The two chemicals used to treat grass woven moses baskets include Ethylene Oxide and Methyl Bromide. Do these chemicals remain in the grass fibres? 

Moses baskets are a wonderful portable sleeping space for your newborn, and one Bebelicious moses baskets can stand by the fact that each of our moses baskets is imported chemical free. Peace of mind for your family and safe for your baby.

Kitty XO