How long will my baby sleep in their moses basket?

How long will my baby sleep in their moses basket?

This would have to be the most asked question that we receive here at Bebelicious!

Moses baskets are a fantastic, portable first bedding option for your newborn.

Large enough to last for the first 4-6 months, yet snug enough to ensure your precious bundle feels safe and secure.

A Bebelicious moses basket is larger than most on the market with dimensions of 85 x 48 x 28 cm to last just that little bit longer.

Moses baskets are suitable for infants up until they start rolling or pulling themselves up - whichever comes first.

Nobody knows what their newborn will do, or when they will do it!

Purely luck of the draw!

And just when you think your second, third or fourth will be the same as the one before...think again!

Our first Bebelicious who recently turned 5, slept in his moses basket for 4 months. He was an early roller, and was then moved into a family heirloom larger size bassinet, prior to his cot.

Our second Bebelicious now 2.5 years remained in her moses basket until she was just over 6 months.

She could have stayed in here longer except that she became too long! Miss now 2.5 didn't pull herself up or roll until a little later than Master 5.

First time around we utilised our folding stand and used to take it out with us whilst visiting family and friends. Before we had our current collection of stands, we had enlisted the design skills of our Danish furniture maker friend to custom make a folding stand for us.

This stand, just like our current folding stands was easy to fold for both transport and storage, and sat nicely beside our bed. Second time around with all the paraphernalia that comes with 2 under 3 including a double pram packed into the back of a car, I decided on utilising the rocking stand as we wouldn't be taking it out with us.

We would just take our moses basket on it's own, and place it on the floor or inside a cot depending on where we were.

I was fortunate that my parents had a nursery set up so we could utilise the cot to place the moses basket in, if we chose.

Another reason I was originally drawn to moses baskets was due to the fact that they are the perfect alternative to a standard fixed bassinet, as you can separate the basket from the stand.

This works really well if you want to keep the stand in your room next to your bed, and tote the moses basket around the house with you.

Brilliant if you have a 2 or 3 storey house.

This was the very reason Bebelicious was created with the birth of my first son in 2007, when we lived in a two story townhouse.

Quaint in hindsight... I spent most of these early days traipsing up and down stairs. I'm sure these stairs contributed to my speedy post baby weight loss!!

There had to be a better way! The stairs were driving me crazy, and my post birth body was not enjoying the constant climb.

I also wanted to keep my baby close whilst I attended to the daily chores around the house and hanging out the washing! No monitor required!! Baby can be with you always...Perfect!