Wooden toys or plastic fantastic?

Recent media suggests that parents are toying with going back to basics, opting for wooden play things over hi-tech gadgets.

Many mums are choosing traditional building blocks and puzzles to promote learning and hand-eye co-ordination. buzzy bee The traditional wooden toys often are reminders of our own childhood learning when they were the only option available.

There are many hi-tech plastic toys now which are education and entertaining at very low prices. In a bid to cash in on the trend Fisher-Price have launched a traditional wooden range to be sold through Target.

Parents splurged $300m on toys last December and classic educational toys made up a large chunk of the market.

We love the traditional wooden toys but are also realistic that plastic gadgets have their place in a toy box, and finding the right balance between traditional and new is the key. A nursery can also be a mixture of new and traditional with a moses basket complementing both a tradition and contemporary nursery design.