Safety Guidelines

Safety Guidelines

  • ALWAYS place baby to sleep on their back.
  • Moses baskets are an ideal first bed for babies aged up until approx 4-6 months of age – or until baby starts to roll over, or pull themselves up – whichever comes first.
  • Never use a Moses basket when baby begins to roll in bed or pull themselves up.
  • Do not use pillows, comforters or doonas/duvets in the Moses basket.
  • We do not recommend carrying baby whilst in the Moses basket.
  • Moses baskets should be carried with one hand on the handles and the other hand under the base of the basket.
  • We only recommend the use of Bebelicious mattresses as these have been designed to fit this specific Moses basket and do not allow gaps between the basket and the mattress. These mattresses conform to voluntary firmness standards for Australia and New Zealand AS/NZ 8811.1:2003
  • Should you require an additional mattress, these can be purchased separately from our online store.
  • Do not use alternate brand liners in this basket, as these liners have been designed specifically for our Bebelicious Moses baskets, and are made to fit snug, so that baby cannot become trapped under the fabric.
  • Your handmade Moses basket is made of natural maize fibre. Please be aware that as a natural fibre, this basket is prone to wear over time. We advise regular checks for the basket and handles especially if giving to someone else to utilise.
  • Due to the handmade nature of this basket, slight variations in weave can occur.
  • Never leave baby unattended with small children or pets whilst in the Moses basket, or allow them to climb in whilst your baby is inside.
  • Never place Moses basket with a baby inside on tables, benches, beds, etc. Stands are available for purchase from our store if you wish to keep your baby off the floor.
  • Moses baskets can be placed inside a cot to assist with the transition period from Moses basket to cot.


Tetra Tea Tree Mattress care instructions

As Tetra Tea Tree Flakes are a natural fibre they will move within the mattress structure when in transit. The Tea Tree Flakes need to be settled back into the structured mattress casing before placing it in the Moses basket, bassinette, cradle, cot or crib for use. To ensure the safest use follow these instructions to ensure that you install the mattress correctly. This should only take 1 minute.

  1. Remove the mattress from its packaging and lay it on a flat surface. Identify the seam lines that run across the mattress. The objective is simply to push the Tea Tree Flakes from where they may have moved in transit, which tends to be in the middle of each section.

  2. Begin with the middle section of the mattress and knead the Tea Tree into the side-walls. An easy way to do this is to rake the Tea Tree through the casing with your fingers spread with your palms down. You will feel the Tea Tree move to the side.

  3.  Next work on the outer sections of the mattress by kneading the Tea Tree into the end walls. We recommend that you place a flat palm along one side of the seam line and rake the Tea Tree out from the seam to the wall with the other hand.

  4.  When you have finished pushing the Tea Tree into the mattress settle into a flat and firm position with your open palms as you would with bed sheeting.

  5. If you have done this correctly you will see that the mattress has lengthened into the correct size. It is now ready to be placed in the Moses basket, bassinette, cradle, cot or crib.

  6.  Ongoing Use: We recommend that the mattress is re-settled every time the sheeting is changed.