About Us

About Us

Being a new Mum is one of the most amazing, and special experiences you will ever have in your life, but keeping your little one close to you over the first few months of their lives, without having to chain yourself to the cot or nursery can be a bit of a challenge. Trust me darlings, I speak from personal experience being a proud mother of two myself.

With the birth of my first little treasure I was looking for a baby bedding option that I could take with me around the house, that would keep my little one snug, and close to me as I went about my busy day, without having to waltz up and down stairs to the nursery. I also loved the idea of having a bed that my little one was familiar with when we went visiting family and friends.

Now, as all you Mumma bears know, when it comes to putting baby to sleep there's nothing more unsettling than re-settling, and our little ones don't like to be disturbed when they're dreaming away. My Moses baskets are the perfect solution as you can simply place the whole Moses basket inside your little one's cot, meaning you don't have to wake them at all. What could be better than having baby fast asleep in a lovely, deep, warm hand-woven maize Moses basket, complete with a custom made Tetra tea tree mattress, a cozy Bamboo blanket and a gorgeous looking designer sheet set? A Bebelicious Moses basket is all you and baby need for a sound night's sleep or afternoon nap!

With my background in fashion and design, I had created a traditional nursery with a modern twist, and so of course I wanted my Moses baskets to fit in with my look and lifestyle. No cutesy nonsense here thank-you very much. But I just could not for the life of me find a designer Moses basket anywhere! So I did what any forward thinking modern gal would do, and designed my own, sourcing beautiful fabrics from the USA, Japan and Europe. None of my products are massed produced, and all are bespoke designs that are as original as the children who enjoy them. Dedicated to the traditions of the 1950's I have created a range of products that hold true to that era with quality materials that are 100% natural and made to last.

Knowing that all you Mum's, Aunties and Grandparents out there want value for money, I created for my Moses baskets a reversible basket liner – so you lucky things effectively get 2 Moses baskets in 1. On one side you'll find a delicious contemporary designer fabric that would not look out of place in any modern home or nursery, and on the reverse a more neutral fabric for when you want a subtle change.

Now don't fret if you don't have a crib or travel cot handy, as Bebelicious has a wonderful selection of Moses basket stands available to choose from. From a designer ivory Moses basket stand to a soothing rocking stand, my Bebelicious stands are perfect for your new baby's nursery. We have simply thought of everything for you.

Please do contact me if you have any questions regarding my gorgeous designer Moses baskets, stands and other accessories and have a simply wonderful day!

Ciao darlings!

Kitty May